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The DFEH recently amended the Pregnancy Disability Leave ("PDL") notice. All employers with 5 or more employees must post the notice "Your Rights and Obligations As A Pregnant Employee" as of April 1, 2016. You can access a copy of the NEW poster is attached by clicking HERE.

Posting Guidelines

  • The Notice should be posted in a conspicuous place where employees can easily read it.

  • Electronic posting is permitted, as long as the notice is posted in a conspicuous place or places where employees would tend to view it in the workplace.

  • Employers must give an employee a copy of the notice as soon as practicable after the employee tells the employer of her pregnancy.

  • If you publish an employee handbook that describes other types of reasonable accommodation, transfers or temporary disability leaves, you should include a description of pregnancy disability leave (including reasonable accommodation and transfers) in the next edition of your handbook.

  • Finally, an employer whose workforce is comprised of 10 percent or more persons whose spoken language is not English must translate the notice into every language that is spoken by at least 10 percent of the workforce.

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