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*NEW* COVID-19 Safety for the Workplace

DOWNLOADABLE: LA County Dept. of Public Health's Update on Responding to COVID-19 in the Workplace

As of 11/13/20: Close contact and case definition updated, guidance provided regarding symptomatic workers and who must quarantine. Return to work information also updated.

As COVID-19- related restrictions relax, more people will congregate outside the home, including in the regular workplace, resulting in increased likelihood of transmission and disease. Employers need to be prepared to respond when a case of COVID-19 is identified or when there is a possible exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace.

A case is a person who has a positive diagnostic viral (swab or saliva) test for COVID-19 and/or who has been told by a healthcare provider that they have COVID-19. Each employer should have a plan in place in advance, so that when a case is reported among employees anyone who may be infected is sent home to self-isolate, and any close contacts to cases with a positive COVID-19 test are sent home to self-quarantine. The employer should consider including a protocol for access to COVID-19 testing for all quarantined employees as part of the plan in order to clarify the extent of spread in the workplace and possible sick to other employees.

Continue on with LA County Dept. of Public Health's Update on Responding to COVID in the Workplace.

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